AVALANCHE INTERNATIONAL, CORP. was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada, U.S. on April 14, 2011. The company had plans to distribute crystallized glass tile in the North American markets to wholesale customers. The Company is in the development stage as defined under Accounting Codification Standard, Development Stage Entities (“ASC-915”). Following a change in leadership on May 19th, 2014, it decided to abandon historical plans and it formed its first subsidiary, Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC. The Company then acquired certain intellectual property, knowhow, product and capability from Smith and Ramsay, LLC, a Nevada company. Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of premium vape liquid and distributor of vape accessories. SRB currently has a single brand of vape liquid, its signature brand Smith and Ramsay, which is in its pre-launch phase, having been manufactured, packaged and beginning to generate revenue in test markets. SRB plans on rapidly moving into the market place upon launch of its Smith and Ramsay signature brand, and expand aggressively with additional flavors in the signature brand and with additional brands.